Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about optimizing construction materials testing with TestLab360. Discover how our software simplifies complex processes, enhances accuracy, and supports your project from ground-breaking to completion. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our expert team is just a click away!

What technology is Testlab360 built in?
TestLab360 is built using the latest .NET Core technology.
Will a modern web and cloud-based solution have significant advantages over more traditional Windows application approaches?
A modern web and cloud-based solution allows for full management of system updates, requires no installations and provides easy management of accounts.
Can this platform be upgraded at any point?
The current application is split in a manner that allows smooth upgrading to newer technologies, keeping TestLab360 products fresh and new.
Does it have good security?
At TestLab360, your security is always kept in mind. We promise to keep your data safe.
Where is it hosted on the cloud?
TestLab360 is currently hosted in top servers in Sydney.
How can this product be purchased?
Pricing for TestLab360 is flexible. Payments can be monthly or yearly, depending on subscriptions.
How can you access the system?
TestLab360 will run on any phone, tablet or computer through app or website.
Which test methods does it cover?
TestLab360 covers a range of Soil/Aggregate, Concrete and Asphalt Standards.
How are reports produced?
Test reports are produced in PDF format which can be uploaded or emailed.
Does it have billing?
Yes and it can be interfaced with your financial package.
Will test methods be updated as they come out?
We can update methods with our continuous integration. They will be upgraded and tested by the industry before being shipped to production.
When will it be available?
Book a demo and we can show you the product and answer any questions you may have.