The TestLab360 Advantage​

TestLab360 is designed for construction materials such as aggregate soil, asphalt, concrete, and soils. It is user-friendly and can be accessed via a web browser. The system also features a mobile app with offline mode and live trackers or dashboards to alert users of any failures or materials that are out of specification.

Additionally, the system can manage laboratory accreditations and includes tools for client and project management. The interface is customisable for clients’ bespoke systems, and the billing module allows for invoicing and cost tracking. The system also includes a data migration module and a data exporter.

Mobile App Accessible Offline

Realtime Access And Notifications

Manage Field And Remote Staff

Client Role-Based Permissions

Economic Flexible And Scalable

Quick Onboarding

Data Export And Migration Tools

Data Export And Migration Tools

Advantages Of A Cloud Based System

A cloud-based system has the ability to reduce the number of hours currently spent:

Subscription Based Pricing Model

TestLab360 charges clients on a per module, per user basis. The pricing structure is broken down for both SMB and Enterprise clients on a single or multi-module basis and taken into account the number of tests each laboratory will perfom.


Flexibility and transparency to SMB and Enterprise customers alike

Model validated with a broad cross-section of profiled customers

Monthly and annual subscription renewal terms