About TestLab360

About TestLab360

We look at the industry as a whole, where can we add value!

Testlab360 is built by testers for testers. This program has all the features that will have your technicians delivering top quality results and reporting. Testlab360 is an Australian company that offers a suite of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software products.

Testlab360’s software, Testlab360, is a cloud based,end-to-end laboratory software that enables clients to work faster and more efficiently within the construction materials testing industry. Testlab360 offers a concrete testing and aggregate/soil (AggSoil) modules , and have Asphalt and Concrete Mix Design modules in development. The software is used by construction materials laboratories to test samples of construction materials before being used in construction projects.

Why TestLab360

'Current Lab Management Systems are costly, inefficient, and prone to manipulation, affecting their credibility.'

The current systems and solutions in use are often seen as inefficient because they require manual processes and data entry, leading to errors and inefficiencies. These systems are also expensive to implement and maintain, adding to the cost of laboratory operations.

In order to address these issues, it is important to invest in more advanced and reliable LIMS solutions that incorporate features such as automation, real-time data tracking, and secure data storage. These improvements will help to reduce the costs associated with laboratory operations, while also improving the accuracy, reliability, and auditability of the results produced.

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Testlab360 is a web based, browser agnostic software with a purposeful yet elegant and responsive user interface