TestLab360 is a cloud-based, end-to-end laboratory software that enables clients to work faster and more efficiently within the construction materials testing industry. It offers both web and mobile applications with concrete testing and AggSoil modules.


TestLabIoT360 - coming soon

TestLabIot360 is a system built for monitoring concrete maturity and temperature. It allows for comprehensive data collection and analysis of concrete tank and oven temperatures to ensure that your materials are up to the highest quality standard of durability and strength.

TestMix360 - coming soon

TestMix360 allows for complete control of your concrete mix design. It allows for the creation of mix designs, the creation of mix tickets, and the creation of mix reports.

Promptly360 - coming soon

Promptly360 is a management tool that provides further modules for timetabling and managing job items. It is built for management teams to improve their integration with TestLab software.